Live untethered
Financial Xceleration
Your life can only be lived by YOU. Living an untethered life is the ultimate form of autonomy. Helping you design your life with geographic freedom, empowering you with complete time freedom while utilizing tools to create generational wealth is our passion.
Geographic Freedom
If your goal is to live a life you don’t need a vacation from then you are in the right place! Life untethered revolves around the ability to generate an income, on demand from anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection.
Own Your Time
The most valuable asset we all need in order to create a life you design is T-I-M-E. Time is a commodity we can never get back. By harnessing technology to gain the resources that provide you control over your time, you can experience true freedom.
Generational Wealth

“Create your legacy and pass the baton.” - Bille Jean King, 39 Grand Slam Title Champion

"Each generation shall reap what the former generation has sown.” Proverbs

Generational wealth is often a limited thought referring to money. PURE | FX cultivates the legacy of generational wisdom through financial literacy.

Real people enjoying life changing results

Regardless of your experience level with technology or the financial markets, the PURE | FX community and family of digital assets can equip you to create your "life by design" and build a lasting legacy!

PEOPLE: We understand that each of our customers is unique, with their own individual, specific goals. Our team meets you right where you're at, and helps you grow based on YOUR goals.

PROCESS: Because we know that one size will never "fit all" we focus on processes that equip each individual to take personal ownership of their financial literacy game plan.

PRODUCTS: Every aspect of our learning platform is designed for one purpose - helping you improve your quality of life.

The PURE | FX Stories

Who’s having success in our community?

Homeschool Moms
Mortgage Brokers
Former Pro Athletes
Institutional Traders

Our Trading | TOOLS

Like most other things in life, not all forex platforms are created equally.

Track Record Does Matter!


The financial rewards for becoming a proficient forex trader are no longer a secret. The problem is, the learning curve is incredibly steep and time consuming. That’s why the PURE | FX trading tools are rapidly becoming touted as the biggest game-changer the world of forex has ever seen.

  • Condense time & shorten your learning curve
  • Avoid spending countless hours stuck in front of your computer screen
  • Have more FUN becoming a successful trader than you ever thought possible
What makes our artificial intelligence
learning platform so powerful?
Adaptive AI
Continually analyzes the market in real time, and responds to the ever-changing economic conditions that impact the various financial markets around the world.
Full Control
Users are always 100% in control of their own, personalized money management strategies.
Risk management
Risk management
Multiple risk management features designed to scale the trading to match each users targeted account balance as well as mitigate overall account risk.
The Pure | FX software gives each user the ability to trade multiple instruments at the same time. This optimizes each user's trading experience in a unique way by giving them the benefit of diversification.
Box Art

Pure | FX by PURE | FX is rapidly becoming known throughout the world as the pre-eminent AI driven Forex training software platform.

Pure | FX teaches you:

  • How to recognize trends in the market across all currency pairs
  • Where to pull the trigger for optimal trade entries
  • Time-tested risk management strategies
  • Simple techniques to accelerate your learning curve
  • Real-time notifications to alert you when there is a potential trade for you to evaluate that meets your specifications

PURE | FX is not a brokerage, financial advisor, investment advisor, nor does the offering of these products and services constitute financial advice. PURE | FX also does not offer any broker services nor do we recommend any particular broker services. All PURE | FX products have been created to be 100% legal within the markets in which they are offered.

PURE | FX Academy is the most comprehensive multi-sensory, integrated, and interactive learning platform designed to teach people of all experience levels about the intricacies of the global financial markets.

FX Academy

The TAC Room is our live and social trading sessions where you'll be trained by our trading professionals to help you use Pure | FX software in an interactive environment.

One Time
  • 1 Month Access to PURE | FX Academy
  • 1 Month Access to Xoduz Trading Software
  • Full Access to the LIVE Trading Sessions
per month
  • Full Monthly Access to PURE | FX Academy
  • Monthly Subscription to Xoduz Trading Software
  • Full Access to the daily LIVE Trading Sessions with the Pure | FX community
($39 initial Brand Partner fee, then $147/mo)
  • Full Access to PURE | FX Academy
  • Monthly Subscription to Xoduz Trading Software
  • Full Access to the LIVE Trading Sessions
  • Access to the most dynamic affiliate marketing systems and rewards platform in the industry

10 Day Trial
  • Get Access to the Xoduz Trader complimentary for 10 Days
  • Full Access to the daily LIVE Trading Sessions with the Pure | FX community
About Pure | FX

PURE | FX is a global community of compassionate capitalists, from business leaders and marketing experts to software developers and educators. Our top priority is to provide our valued customers with the most exclusive, innovative tools to equip them to learn how to trade in the financial markets.

We are committed to helping people all over the world to maximize their quality of life by raising the bar on their personal financial literacy. We do this by staying on the cutting edge and delivering an incredible line of products that provide real solutions for real people, to achieve real results.

PURE | FX brings Wall Street to YOUR street!